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Our school uses the Biblically based School of Tomorrow individualized
PACE curriculum produced by the School of Tomorrow corporate
headquarters located in Hendersonville, Tennessee. We also incorporate
subjects from Alpha Omega's "Ignitia."  These courses are computer
enhanced classes that not only teach the subject matter, but increase
computer skills as well.  We currently offer all subjects to our
students 10th-12th grades using Ignitia.

The ACE "School of Tomorrow" curriculum is for all major subjects in
all grades which includes; Math, English, Social Studies, Science,
Spelling, Literature, and Bible. Our Kindergarten reading program The
ABC's with Ace and Christi, is a phonics based curriculum that
incorporates Biblical character traits, giving the youngest students
the opportunity to learn God's Word.

PACE: All work is divided into booklets called PACEs (i.e. a Packet of
Accelerated Christian Education). These self-instructional booklets
are a combination of textbook and workbook. Students work all answers
in pencil, to enable them to make corrections as needed. They are
directed in their PACEs when to score.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: The spiral of learning, around which our
curriculum is written, brings the student back to previous concepts
for drill and reinforcement. When your child completes the suggested
course of study, he or she can expect to receive test scores that will
qualify him for college entrance.

INDIVIDUALIZATION: Each child is different and has needs uniquely
their own. Any successful academic program must identify and focus on
individual student needs. Each new student completes a diagnostic
test, which identifies his academic performance levels for English,
Math, Spelling, Social Studies, and Science.  Whether the student is a
high achiever or a moderate paced learner, the School of Tomorrow
educational process proceeds at the level determined by the child's
ability making it possible for each student to master the subject.

CHARACTER BUILDING: The curriculum is permeated with traditional moral
values, Biblical principles, and patriotism. Each child can gain a
quality education while learning basic life principles that enable
them to assume responsibility for their adult life emphasizing the
importance of  building Godly character. The main focus is wisdom.

MORAL VALUES: The curriculum  includes Scripture memory passages and
references to God and Jesus Christ - all designed to help students
develop moral character, a sense of accountability, and wisdom in
their lives. Standards of personal conduct, school policies, and
curriculum continue to build the student's sense of responsibility and